Friday, December 11th, 2020

Sister Deer

Deer visiting the Meadow Pond Deer visiting the Meadow Pond Doug Bates


This little story was submitted by a member who wishes to remain anonymous

I do not usually set my alarm at Valley View Hot Springs but one time I did to accomplish a soaking cycle before leaving. I left my clothes in my tent and my towel at the Meadow Pool walkway. I walked to the swimming pool for an invigorating morning swim. Then I stopped at each pool, Lower and Upper Apple Tree pools, Main Pond, Waterfall Pool, and the Meadow pool. After soaking for a while, I air dried on the deck. Knowing this was the last moment for this visit, I flipped over on my stomach, crossed my arms, and rested my chin. I looked down through the crystal clear water and watched the tiny bubbles rising to the surface. This particular visit had been especially spiritually nourishing and I felt blanketed by the warm sun and inner contentment. Then it happened. I heard a rustle, looked up and a deer was staring in my face just across the pond. We spent a moment in mutual recognition then went our separate ways. Another mystical moment.

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